Monday, July 13, 2009

quick hallo!

Hey all!
I hope all is well in america. So far this trip has been already quite the experience! God did some amazing things through the mission fest/ junior high retreat we were able to take part in. We developed some new relationships that have lots of future potential! The pastor at this church was a great guy. It was so neat to show the youth of nothern germany how we kinda do things with our songs and skits. They all loved our mime skits! i think it was quite a foreign idea to do something like that in church. I wish we could have been able to stay there longer. Even though we were only there for like 3 days, we started some incredible relationships! i am anxious to see what god has planned for the future of these new friendships!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah Hoffmann (editor's note: the new bride-to-be!)

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