Monday, July 13, 2009

A new perspective!

Hannah Creaser writes:

I’m really here. I’m a member of the Germany Mission Team 2009. Although the Mission Fest wasn’t what I expected, it still made me appreciate the simpler things in life- playing sports with a non-competitive spirit, singing silly songs, playing board games and personal hygiene. Coming into this trip, I was worried about my lack of Deutsch but Pastor quickly calmed my fears and told me the only word I would need to know was scheizer. But in Bleckmar, that word wasn’t useful. Most of the kids were fluent in German with little or no English. This past weekend I think I had more conversations where I just nodded and smiled then I have had in my whole life combined. It was slightly frustrating. I wanted to communicate through more than just a smile. But I realized something very important this weekend- everyone laughs in the same language. I knew when the girls were laughing and they knew when I was laughing. It was the only way we could talk and it was enough. Tossing berries into their mouths was one of the most eye opening experiences. I built relationships through one tiny fruit, the words “one, two, three,” my incredible throwing arm, and laughter. I didn’t think In two short days that I would be able to make friends who spoke a completely different language. But I did. And that is the magic of this trip.

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  1. I love reading this, Hannah! Your voice is beautiful - pure and strong. I can't wait until you come home to tell more stories and laugh in our family room again. -love, mom