Thursday, July 16, 2009

hey everyone its Sarah
It is just a little past midnight here. I am sitting up in my bed and i thought i would write something. I have had sooooo much on my mind these past couple of days. Being back in Germany at this same church has brought some familiar feelings, however it has also brought on some very new feelings. You would think after being here 3 time before I would have a better idea of what to expect, and maybe how God would use me in this place. However this does not seem to be the case at this current time. Don't get me wrong, I am having lots of fun. But I think even now I am finally slowly starting to understand the culture of these people even better than before, and the dynamic of this church. I feel like I have all this new insight, which you would think would make things a bit easier. Not necessarily the case. The culture over here in Germany is so interesting. It is very hard, because much of what their culture consist of goes against the Bible. Many of them also have so much knowledge of the Bible, however the knowledge only remains in their head and has not made its way down to their heart. Its been very hard for me to then know how to show them the kind of relationship God wants with them, and how important that is. Many of them have many things, and are financially very well off, but this then makes it even harder for them to desire, or think they need any sort of relationship with Christ. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of good things going on at this church, but having said this there seems to be so much farther to go. It is such an intense dynamic. The culture here is fascinating. One particular characteristic that is very intriguing is the impact of the American culture. Many of the youth watch MTV and see American movies and listen to the music, and so they get a very skewed view of how we live. Then they think they want to live this type of life too. They are so engulfed in the worldly things that they are shocked to hear that we do not all live the way they see on TV, movies, etc. Anyways, there is so much to it, and my mind has been going crazy with thoughts in the past days. I am trying to put it all into word for you all to understand what type of mission trip we are on. It is very different from many others. For me it is very challenging and frustrating at times. I love the people here, and God is doing a lot of great things. We have 40 kids at the Kindercamp this week. We also have many of the youth helping with the programming and such. The people here are great, I love the friendships we have. I just ask you to pray that God gives me the patience, words and the opportunity to really talk with these people and share Christ's love. This is all kinda a lot of mumbling but these are just some thoughts in my head for now. I also apologize if my english seems a bit strange. After talking with Germans who understand little English, my English becomes very simple and I talk in the way they do sometimes! Maybe that's why it sounds a bit strang. Thank you for your prayers. God is doing great things here, there is just always so much potential for even more!!!
hope all is well back home

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  1. From someone who helped plan all this, and has been working for months and months...your "rambling" is EXACTLY the reason for the work and the passion and the prayers. Thank you for opening yourself up for us at home to try to understand the importance of going there. There is MUCH to do and we pray God will keep providing openings to share His love and desire for the people of Germany!