Friday, July 10, 2009

Very exciting development for 2 team members!

This is Sarah Hoffmann posting...and the amazing guy I'm talking about is Bryant Krieger...

After flying many many hours, and riding in busses and trains for many many more hours we finally arrived in BLECKMAR (which translated means white swamp), germany. Bleckmar is a town/village of about 800 people. The town originated around 860!!!

The night before this trip bry was saying how nervous and anxious he was about going. I didn't understand why he was freaking out so bad, all we were doing was traveling. Anyways then all day on the trains and busses, he was just kinda in a daze. I would ask him if he wanted to play cards and he would say "nah i just wanna sit here and day dream"-whatever that means......he said it was because he was tired, which was only obviously partly true!

We arrived to a church/mission headquarters in bleckmar late in the afternoon. Its a nice place, on quite a bit of land. After playing a little bit of basketball with the pastor's sons, it was time for dinner. After dinner half of the american group went on a walk through the small town. Bry, Chris Gilmore and i stayed back and played some futbol with the boys. Shortly after bry asked me if i wanted to go on a walk to. I said yes, he went up to get his "camera and stuff" while meanwhile i invited chris to join us.

We walked around, and eventually caught up to the rest of our group. When we started walking, something in bry's pocket was making a lot of noise. I asked him what it was and he told me is a funny surprise for me, and he'll show me later. So we walked for a bit longer, and it started to pour! the group ran back to the church, and bry asked me if i wanted to go around back to see his surprise.

We found a Gazebo thing, which we found out later the church uses it for the alter when they conduct services out side, to keep us dry. Bry then pulled out this container with two washers in it. (i had a dream like a month ago about bry proposing with two washers, and i was all disappointed cause everyone i showed the washers to didn't get that they were an engagement ring...weird and random i know)- anyways so this has been an ongoing joke. So i thought he was just being dumb with asking me with the washers.

Then after the washer deal, he said something like "but no in all seriousness," down on one knee, pulled out a ring said some cute things, and asked me to marry him. I was sooooooooooo surprised! i start crying, said yes and cried some more.

We stood under the gazebo until the rain stopped. Shortly after the rain stopped there was a HUGE rainbow that stretched across the sky. kinda a cool symbolic thing.....

So ya. thats pretty much that is it. i will put up some pics for you all to see. Becca kinda knew it was happening so she got like 2 shots from pretty far away, and then took some later.